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Garth High
Owner and head coach at FitBox Durbell
CROSSFIT LEVEL 1 TRAINER 2013-2018 CROSSFIT GYMNASTICS CROSSFIT KIDS TRAINER Coach Garth has been coaching at FitBox since we opened. He coaches the majority of the classes. He has competed in Regionals and many of the local competitions. With his great coaching abilities he also makes every class fun and enjoyable. He heads up the coaching and quality of all aspects that the box has to offer. With him behind the program at FitBox Plattekloof and his coaching staff ready to push you to your limits, you will truly find out what it’s all about – easily scalable workouts with a really driven group of members and community.
Michelle Merand
Owner and Head coach at FitBox Durbanville

Michelle Merand is co-owner and head coach at FitBox TygerValley. Michelle has a background in the medical field. She decided to pursue her passion for coaching full time in August 2018. Michelle has numerous sporting achievements in Obstacle course racing, Weightlifting and CrossFit. She has competed internationally for CrossFit and won several local competitions that earned her the title of the Fittest Woman in Cape Town in 2018.  Michelle has her CrossFit level 1 certification and has a keen eye to ensure safe and effective movements.

Michelle has a massive passion for helping people and strives to educate individuals on how to become the healthiest versions of themselves. Her hard work and dedication is seen in her coaching and her love for people can be seen in each session.

Simone Van Wyk
Head Coach and Owner of CardioFit

Simone van Wyk, the brains behind the program. She is most likely our most experienced coach having been around Health and Fitness most of her life. Simone has worked Internationally on Cruise Ships as a Personal Trainer and is qualified in Group Training, Boot Camp Training, Sports Massage and Fitness. She's a former SA Ice hockey player and has also competed Internationally for CrossFit.

Simone loves to create a positive environment in which people can grow by believing in their potential and their personal sense of worth.
She has a go getter attitude and is extremely passionate about health and getting people moving.

Simone is always smiling, she is very approachable and easy to get along with.

Small but feisty she is definitely a force to be reckoned with, so accept Coach Simone's challenge and come see what your capable of.

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Sergio Oliveira
Coach at FitBox Durbanville
My name is Sergio Oliveira and I am a Software Engineer by day and a Fitbox Functional Fitness coach and member after-hours. I fell in love with functional fitness about 5 years ago and never looked back. I have a passion for changing people's lives and unlocking potential that members never imagined they had. I believe in ensuring that all my classes are run with safety and effective movement standard as the top priority and if I can ensure that after every session members walk out more knowledgeable and one step closer to their fitness goal, then I have done my job correctly.
Irma Human
Coach at CardioFit and FitBox Durbanville
Irma Human has a very big passion and love for fitness and sport. Irma has a background in teaching and coaching of numerous sports after she completed her degree in 2019. She took on her love for sport and achieved many sporting achievements. Irma has been ranked no 1 in SA in 2019 in her division for all style karate as well as competed internationally for various karate competitions. She has also represented her university at the USSA games for hockey and 7's rugby. Irma decided to pursue her passion for coaching in 2020 when she became part of the FitBox family. There is no greater joy for Irma than to see other people around her succeed and it brings her even greater joy when she is a part of their success journey. Irma is a friendly individual that enjoys to put a smile on others faces. Irma calls out to each individual to come and start their fitness journey and have fun while succeeding their goals!
Coach at FitBox Durbanville
Charlize only started training at FitBox in 2019 and immediately fell in love with it. She has always had a passion for sport and exercise. Charlize received WP colors in hockey and also represented SA in Majorettes. Charlize has a passion for helping people in all aspects of their life's and has found a way to reach people through exercise. She believes anything is possible with hard work and dedication.
Simonne de Beer
Coach At FitBox Durbell
Hey I'm Simonne de Beer a new personal trainer and coach at FitBox Durbell....I'm a qualified personal trainer, group and aerobics instructor. I have 3 years experience in Crossfit and functional training I'm a very dynamic individual who loves to see people succeed in their personal targets and health goals. With a Step by step approach I will assist you with working at a pace that suits your needs.
Coach at Fitbox Durbell
Lourens is the early morning coach at FitBox Durbell who's functional fitness journey started roughly 6 years ago. By day he is an optic fiber technician (who can not organise you free fiber, so don't ask), but his fire blazes brightest when he is able to get to the gym. Coaching people in the art of functional fitness is something that only recently came over his path. Anything he might lack in coaching experience is made up for by his contagious energy and dog-like enthusiasm and excitement to help anyone who is willing and welcoming to changing their lives for the better, through fitness. For him, having found and tried functional fitness has brought balance to what was a rather dysfunctional lifestyle. Looking back, the only regret he has regarding functional fitness, is not having started it sooner. His training philosophy: "No person has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a person to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which their body is capable" - Socrates
Nicky Vd Merwe
Coach at FitBox DurBell
Nicky is an Air Traffic Controller by trade but because of her passion for CrossFit, she completed her CrossFit Level 1 in 2019. She tries to get in as much research as possible in her spare time to add to what she can offer to members and is always willing to give advise or assistance. She is driven by her desire to improve peoples lives as Functional Fitness has improved hers back in 2016 when she was an overweight mom of a 2 year old and decided to make a change. She now enjoys getting outdoors with her daughter; being able to play and be active together. She also loves competing and has taken part in many local comps. She coaches classes at FitBox DurBell and offers personal training. Recently she started the FitBox55ers for our more mature members in order for them to focus on preserving their way of life and improving their day to day activities. There’s 2 phases that sum up her fitness philosophy: “First move well, then move often” “Strength cannot be born from strength, it can only be born from weakness. So be glad of your weakness now; it is the beginning of you strength”
Coach at FitBox Durbell
Stéphan is a Car Salesman at WeBuyCars by trade, but he loves fitness and everything that goes with it. His love for CrossFit came back to him in 2020, after taking a break from training for about 2 years. In the pandemic he realised the importance of training again and all he wants to do is make training as fun as possible for people. He started coaching at FitBox Durbell in June 2021 and has been loving it since the 1st class. In fitness he believes in this: “Training should be fun, but challenging. You should enjoy training, but you should be pushed continuously and become better often.”